The Wim Hof Method

Three Goals
Happy. Strong. Healthy.

One Method
Experience your full potential through
Breath. Cold. Mindset.

You would like to shape your life
in a strong, healthy and positive way?

You are open to trying new things?

You are ready to make changes to your daily life?

Then you are in exactly the right place because
nothing is a certain as change…

Change keeps us healthy, alive, and in balance. But often, in our daily lives, we lose our balance. Many of us operate on autopilot in our daily routines, heavily influenced by external factors. Often, these leave us exhausted, unbalanced and overwhelmed.

Maybe you feel like this sometimes too?

I am excited that you are reading this here on this page. The Wim Hof Method brought me back into balance, reconnected me to my true power and transformed my life in such a positive way that I want to share this with you. 

The Wim Hof Method is life-affirming, simple, and effective.

I want to show you how to elevate personal relationships, your daily routines and your health.


You learn how to utilize  

the Breath – Under expert guidance, you will learn the Wim Hof Method breathing technique. It’s the perfect opportunity to regulate your nervous system and leave your daily routine behind.

the Mindset – Understand how you can positively influence your thoughts and develop a strong, clear mindset sustainably. Face challenges with ease.

● the Cold – Leave your comfort zone safely and controlled. Be comfortable in the uncomfortable. You are perfectly prepared for your ice bath.

What makes the Wim Hof ​​Method special is the unique combination of those elements.

This combination is the key to 

  • increased well-being
  • higher resistance to stress
  • sharp focus
  • nervous system regulation 
  • improved physical performance
  • a trained cardiovascular system
  • an optimized concentration
  • better sleep quality and quantity
  • acceleration of your cell recovery
  • better mood
  • more energy

To simply (re-)connect to your superpower to feel happy, strong and healthy.

In addition to the three official pillars – conscious breathing, focused mind and experiencing the cold – there is a fourth pillar: the connection.

It is the connection to the community, to nature and to yourself. Together we will breathe, set intentions and hit the ice.

Unlock your superpower!

Anytime and anywhere!

Let’s dive into this superpower together and positively change your life because…

nothing is as certain as change.

I am ready.

How about you?

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Kathrin Eugen is a BreathQ ® Trainer, Yoga Body® Breath Coach and Wim Hof Method certified Instructor based out of Hamburg, Germany. Her goal is to inspire others to discover their innate strength, resilience, and a deeper connection with themselves.

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