Kathrin Eugen

BreathQ® Trainer 

Yoga Body® Breath Coach 

Wim Hof Method® certified instructor

From the tropical seas of the Indian Ocean to the ice bath in Hamburg.

After several years of intensive work in event management, I decided to take a break. Originally planned as a one-year sabbatical, it ended up stretching over a period of 10 years.

My journey took me to unique places all around the world. I lived on sailboats and remote islands, experienced many different countries and cultures and established a close connection with nature, the ocean and the beauty of life itself. 

Change was my steady companion. 

Change keeps us humans healthy, alive, and in balance. 

But often, in our daily lives, we lose that balance. 

When I dropped anchor once again in my home port of Hamburg, Germany, that’s exactly what happened. Less and less saltwater flowed through my veins, the change faded into everyday life, and I lost my balance.

I knew that I wanted to regain the feeling of adventure in my life to feel alive again.

Maybe you feel like this sometimes too? 

The power of breath, the cold, a positive mindset, and movement have reconnected me with myself. I rediscovered my true power and vitality.

This power is life affirming, simple, and effective.

My teachings combine the elements of conscious breathing, intentional cold exposure, positive mindset and body movement such as yoga and stretching.

Today, I’m not only happy to share nautical yarns from my time at the 7 seas, but I also offer micro adventures for everyone who could do with some extra vitality and superpower in their lives. 

The requirements are simple:
Curiosity, openness and the courage to go beyond your personal comfort zone. 

Your very own micro adventure awaits you. 

Anytime and anywhere!  

The key is in your hand! 

Are you ready?

Let’s start together – here and now! 

I look forward to meeting you!


+49 0152 385 34 704


Farmsener Landstraße 202, 22359 Hamburg, Germany